My name is Sheila and I have 3 great kids. My youngest, Riley, is 17 and the reason this blog exists. Riley has many special needs such as tuberous sclerosis complex, autism, Type 1 Diabetes, epilepsy, and numerous mental health diagnoses. The most crippling issue that we have with Riley is his propensity to have violent autistic rages. I often write about Riley’s rages, but mostly I write about the pain that living this life brings. I sometimes write about other things too as a means of therapy. Also, as of 2-7-19, we are exploring the option of out-of-home placement. This is the most unfair and gut wrenching decision that no parent should have to make.

I like to think of this blog as an online gallery of beauty and heartache. I write to channel my grief into poetry, and with every entry I showcase a piece of Riley’s art. Despite Riley’s challenging behaviors, he is a wonderfully raw artist. He sees the world in a way I never will, and that fascinates me.